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Download Windows 8.1

windows 81 downloadMicrosoft has announced that work on upgrade of its ambitious operating system Windows 8 has almost finished and that the Windows 8.1 RTM is ready for release. The company has at the same time released a betas version for the consumers to have a glimpse of the new OS. You can go for Windows 8.1 download to check the preview of the features and the performance. This news has lifted the spirits of not just the retail consumers but also computer manufacturers and even a giant such as Toshiba has welcomed the move saying it is re-energized by the launch of the upgrade of Windows 8. The company has said that it will introduce two new tablets running on the new OS to show it is serious. Encore, the new tablet from Toshiba runs on Windows 8.1 and you can buy the gadget and run it to see how the new OS works though it will be released for use in your PC in mid October.

Set to give a big push to Windows 8
Windows 8 was launched with much fanfare last year in October. It was received well by the users and even the critics admitted it to be a decent improvement upon its predecessor Windows 7. However, it was not hailed as revolutionary or earth shattering with many complaining about. This prompted Microsoft to start work on its update or major overhaul that was labeled as Windows Blue. Now the company has revealed that the work on upgrade is almost complete and it has called it Windows 8.1 instead of Windows Blue. Windows 8.1 free download will be available for Windows 8 PC users from October 17 later this year though the RTM is already available for the companies to use the new OS. Those using Windows 8 will get it for free from Windows update whereas those interested in changing the OS of their desktop or laptop will have to buy it from the website of the company.

Have a look at Windows 8.1 through its preview release
Windows 8.1 downloads may be still a month ahead but you can get the taste of things by downloading the beta version of the new OS that Microsoft calls preview release. That the company has reached the RTM status for its new OS indicates that much of the work has been completed and the company does not miss on its release for the companies. These manufacturers will use it to make their new products due for launch in the impending holiday season.

Many new features and functions await you in the new OS
The big news with Windows 8.1 download free is that the Start button has made a comeback to satisfy all those who complained about its absence in Windows 8. This is only the tip of the iceberg as there are many new features and upgrades in the new OS from its predecessor. There is no doubt that Microsoft wanted to keep the suspense alive till October. But the fact that the RTM version was released for the manufacturers was enough for the news hungry internet as RTM made its way on to internet through Chinese version last Tuesday. To make it easier for all the individuals who did not understand Chinese and made use of English, a Russian hacker came up with a version that explained everything in English.

So what is brand new in this new OS from Microsoft? Find it yourself by downloading the beta version of the OS released by Windows. Or you can choose to go for 8.1 Windows download through the usual torrent sites. Of course Skype comes preinstalled with the new OS and you also get new default wallpaper with the OS that has been called Harmony. Once you are inside Windows Store, you are not asked to sign in to download apps as was the case with Windows 8.

However, it is foolhardy to download leaked versions of the new OS from Microsoft as you must wait for the official version that is going to be available in a matter of just under two months now. If you are current user of Windows 8, you will get for free from Windows Update.

Windows 8, the latest version of the operating system made by Microsoft for use in desktops, laptops, tablets etc was lapped up by the general public as well as critics when it was released in October 2012. But the pace of development of technology is so fast that not even a full year has passed and the company has already made and promised to release Windows 8, a major update on its OS called Windows 8. Windows 8.1 is available on the internet. It is an OS that has been much anticipated by the public. Current users of Windows 8 will be able to download it and use the new version for free beginning October 17, the date that will make the first anniversary of Windows 8.

The wait for the consumer is longer
As a general customer, you will be able to buy the new operating system for desktops and laptops from October 17. Windows 8.1 is already RTM. According to an statement issued by the company, the new OS called Windows 8.1 will be made available to all Windows 8 users for free but it will also be available from the stores to be bought and used. To make people hungrier for this new OS, Microsoft has released what it calls release preview. Windows 8.1 download of this preview release is intended to make people more anxious about the product.

Upgrade is to push through the declining sales of Windows 8
Windows 8.1 is not just an overhaul of the earlier Windows 8; it is an attempt to revive the sales of the OS called Windows 8. Windows 8 had the novel feature of touch screen, and industry experts believe that Microsoft has tried to make the touch screen much more receptive and sensitive in Windows 8.1. Microsoft believes that the modified or upgraded version of Windows 8 will give the push that the operating system needed to compete with the rival OS in a better way.

It is a known fact that electronics companies making computing devices are all geared up and working to launch their new products before the holiday season. This is precisely why Windows 8.1 download RTM made its debut in August though consumers will have to wait till October 17 to be able to make use of the new OS. Windows 8.1 beta is a large download that takes up around 4 GB of space on your hard drive. Also, you need to be careful while downloading and installing it as it requires attention to the command prompts given while installing the OS.

It will provide a much better user experience
Windows 8.1 comes with a promise by Microsoft that it will improve everything from apps to the performance. It says that Windows Explorer 11 will not just be integrated but also give a more smooth and powerful performance with this new OS. However, you have to wait till October 17 to see if anything has changed in Windows 8 or not as you will not be able to download the final bits before that. You can have a peep at what the new OS looks like through its preview version. You can see for yourself that Windows 8.1 has better personalization options, has a better and improved search, includes latest Explorer 11, comes with a new Windows store that is totally redesigned, and is packed with a better Snap function.

Brace yourself for the return of Start button
Even with Windows 8.1 free download of the beta version or the preview version, you will get hands on experience of the improved functions and features that Microsoft has attempted to introduce in its new operating system. Windows 8 was appreciated by the consumers and the critics but it was not lapped up in a manner that Microsoft anticipated with its launch last year. One reason for the lukewarm response we the average touch screen experience and another was the absence of the age old Start button. But when you download Windows 8.1 beta version, you know instantly that can brace yourself for the return of this Start button in the next OS from Microsoft.

If you are in a hurry and want to give it a try before October 8, you can install the beta version.